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berkeley neighborhood, where a your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. home. a live report on t right now, s.w.a.t. officers surrounding this berkeley neighborhood. these are live pictures where a man is barricaded apparently inside a home. a live report on that developing standoff. plus, a danville cop now accused of playing a part in a contra costa county drug scandal while more officers may still be involved and the potential impact on drug cases. good morning. it's tuesday, march 8. thank you for joining us. i'm sydnie kohara. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. time now is 4:30. we are going to kick it off with a little weather and traffic. no rain at least in these parts
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just yet, julie, huh? >> not outside the station right now but there is some occasional drizzle lingering out there various locations and on the peninsula. we'll talk about that coming up. but i don't want you to get too worried. drizzle isn't sticking around for long. we have big changes in the forecast. we'll talk about that coming up, too. first here's elizabeth with traffic. >> thank you, julie. we have a fog advisory. chp issued this very early this morning for stretches of highway 1, 280. my producer drives that stretch and said it was foggy and low visibility so take it easy. here's live look approaching the bay bridge toll plaza. so far, so good. no big delays but we're watching hot spots across the bay area. more traffic coming up in just a little bit. in the meantime, back to you guys. >> thank you. we have some breaking news in berkeley for this tuesday morning. an armed standoff just came to a deadly end. let's go to sharon chin. she explains that a suspect
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had, what, sharon, barricaded himself inside a building on marion street? >> reporter: yes. he had barricaded himself inside a home. this is a standoff that now lasted nine hours just has ended a couple of minutes ago. berkeley sergeant robert rittenhouse, tell us what happened. >> officers responded to the 1800 block of marin about 7:30 last night on the report of gunshots being fired. at that point, we created a perimeter and started evacuations. as things drew -- as this drew on, the barricaded subject hostage negotiation team was called on the and we began to negotiate with the individual. >> reporter: you were able to talk back and forth the hostage negotiator with him? >> yes, we did have contact with him. >> and then, what happened that the s.w.a.t. team had to go in?
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>> so we do everything possible to try and resolve this peaceably. and sometimes that means talking to an individual for hours on end. at some point, the decision was made and they sent a team into the residence where they found one individual deceased with an apparent gunshot wound. >> reporter: do you know why in the first place he was firing shots, that started this whole thing? >> no. at this point, i do not know and that will be part of the ongoing investigation. >> reporter: was he firing shots outside into the street or inside his house? >> my understanding is it was from the house. >> reporter: what do we know about this person? has he been in trouble with the law before, prior contact with the police? >> it's part of the ongoing investigation. >> reporter: anyone else injured, anyone else inside the house? >> nobody else is injured. no officers injured. and we certainly would like to thank the oakland police department as well for all
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their assistance. >> reporter: what happens now? two streets here blocked off. what happens now in your investigation? >> so from here forward, the investigators will come in and determine what happened and the sequence events. and then ultimately it will become the coroner investigation as well. >> reporter: i know that in this process you evacuated a number of residents. how many were evacuated and can they go home? >> i don't know the total number that we evacuated. we make a determination based on where the shots were coming from which exact residents need to be evacuated. at this point, i don't believe it's been cleared to go back in, back to their homes but that should be coming shortly. >> reporter: thank you very much, sergeant rittenhouse filling us in on this standoff that ended after nine hours. now a lot of questions. they are dealing with the
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person who was barricaded inside his home who apparently committed suicide. back to you. >> thank you, sharon chin in berkeley. in other news, a drug case in contra costa county could be dismissed today because of arrests of law enforcement official. the latest arrest, that of danville police officer steve tenabi on friday. he is facing a weapons charge and drug charge. his arrest follows recent arrests of two other men accused of stealing and selling drugs taken as evidence. >> the common thread seems to be the antioch police department. they were all ex-antioch police officers. >> one of the suspects is accused of using women to get men drunk at a danville bar and then calling officer tenabi to arrest him for drunk driving the body of an american exchange student from california was found today in a river in spain. 22-year-old austin byes lived in carlsbad was studying at a
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business student in madrid. his body was found near a nightclub where he was last seen after being called missing last month. police say there are no signs at this point of foul play. 4:36. tonight the antioch city council considers a plan to save the city nearly a million dollars. the antioch police officers association considered offers to make concession to help the city deal with its budget deficit. >> the proposal would defer pay hikes for the officers and have them contribute more to the retirement accounts. in exchange, the city would agree to no police layoffs this year. oakland voters may decide whether to raise taxes to ease the city's budget deficit. last night the city council approved mayor jean quan's plan for a ballot measure for a five- year parcel tax about $80 a year for each single-family home to pay for police, firefighters, parks and libraries but some say it's too
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much of a financial burden. >> people are feeling stressed right now financially and i think that they are waiting to see the city do a little more on our part to show we are going to manage things differently. >> the oakland parcel tax would in on the ballot only if lawmakers approve a statewide special election coming up in june. polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. tonight for special elections in three school districts. the alameda voters being asked to replace two existing parcel taxes with one that would run for 7 years. brisbane schools asking for a current tax to be renewed with an increase for inflation. and in santa clara, the school district is asking for a special tax on residential units. it is 4:37. governor brown says he won't have a budget deal by thursday, which was his self-imposed deadline. still, he is shooting for the weekend now. he wants to ask voters to approve an extension of sales, income and vehicle tax hikes for another five years. to get his request on a special
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election ballot in june, needs to pass his budget. but he doesn't have enough votes from the republicans. needs at least four. if the tax extensions are not passed, the state will have to cut an additional 13.5 billion dollars from the budget. most of that is expected to come from education. an east bay school board will meet tonight to discuss eliminating most librarians, many music teachers among other reductions there. the mount diablo school board is trying to cut nearly $22 million off its budget. trustees are operating under the assumption that governor brown's proposed tax extensions will not be approved and they may have to lay off 180 teachers and administrators. the vote is set for next tuesday. pg&e decided in the early '90s that wells were not a safety risk on a section of natural gas pipeline in san bruno and that is the same section that exploded in september of last year killing
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eight people. this is according to a pg&e document obtained by the "san jose mercury news." the document was from 1992 when pg&e was making decisions on safety upgrades in the area. federal investigators announced this past january there were more than 150 welding defects on the lines. it is had:39. cnn is reporting this morning that libyan leader moammar qaddafi is trying to work out a deal with opposition leaders. network cites an anti- government official as saying qaddafi has offered to step down if he and his family are promised they won't be prosecuted and are given safe passage out of the country. a government spokesman is denying that claim. meanwhile, the fighting continues in libya today. rebel groups want a no-fly zone saying that the qaddafi regime is bombing its own people. >> we need someone to tell us don't do that and do that, need
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to a leader. >> meanwhile libyan warplanes have launched two new air strikes near rebel positions in the oil port of rasmanouf in an effort to prevent anti- government forces from advancing towards tripoli. president obama has offered a resumption of military trials for terror suspects at guantanomo bay. about 80 prisoners could go to trial. his plan to try them in america ran into stiff opposition in congress. julie watts has a look at our forecast. >> a lot going on in the weather picture this morning. let's start out with what's going on right now. occasional drizzle, still lingering out there, throughout the bay area. not everyone going to see it but plenty of spots in the south bay to the north are seeing drizzle this morning. that will taper off this afternoon as we see high pressure continue to build in. going to bump up temperatures this afternoon by a few degrees
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anywhere from three to five and high pressure takes over tomorrow. warming temperatures into the 70s in some of the warmest spots by wednesday but we are not done with the rain just yet. another system waiting in the wings likely going to skirt off to the north and we'll see a few raindrops from that by thursday. so a little bit of everything in this forecast. in the meantime, out the door this morning, temperatures in the 40s and 50s in the area, occasional drizzle from time to time. most folks however will see dry conditions and yes, there is definitely some fog out there especially around the bay so be mindful of that. later on this afternoon more and more sunshine partly cloudy skies and highs warming three to five degrees over yesterday. we are talking upper 50s to mid- 60s. now for a check of the morning commute, turn it over to elizabeth wenger. >> thank you, julie. let's go outside actually start with a look at the south bay, 101 traffic near the mckee exit looking good this morning. nice and quiet towards santa clara. 280 moves just as well so thank
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you for that live traffic shot. we have a heavy fog advisory on 1 and 35 near skyline boulevard through daly city and 280 so again chp just issued that one fog advisory. our bridges look okay. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. no lane changes yet so traffic okay southbound 101, headlights are heading into san francisco. no major hot spots out there right now. we are doing well in the east bay as well, 880 past the coliseum, you can't see it but about 15 minutes between 280 and macarthur maze. 580 looks good, as well. and mass transit is all running on time. of course, remember our radio partners, kcbs 740-am and 106.9- fm. back to you. >> thank you. 4:42 on your tuesday. this next story may make you think twice about leaving your dog in the car. >> it's about wanting, you know, some quick cash and
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wanting the money, go ahead and just take the laptop but don't, you know, don't steal the dog. >> why certain pets are so attractive to thieves. and you're fired! charlie sheen's next step after getting the big boot from his show and the drama in court today all coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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today a mix of sun and clouds increasing sunshine after this very cloudy start to the day. highs warmer anywhere from three to five degrees. we're talk upper 50s to mid- 60s. it makes for a nice afternoon. back to you guys. >> thank you. people being warned not to leave dogs in cars in san francisco not just because of the heat that can build up when the sun i shining. it's because of theft. while dognapping out of cars isn't widespread there is a
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market to resell dogs, especially purebreds. >> it's really perplexing to me and i don't understand why someone would do that. if it's about wanting, you know, some quick cash or wanting the money, go ahead and take the laptop but don't steal the dog. >> people are also urged not to leave their dogs tied to parking meters. this is a difficult story. alameda police are on the hunt for whoever stole ashes from a church during a memorial service on saturday afternoon. according to the "oakland tribune" police say the suspect made off with a backpack that had two wooden urns inside with the man's ashes. the widow left the backpack unattended for five minutes when the thief made his move. so far no suspects or arrests in the case. los angeles voters in bell are going to the polls today to elect a new city council. the winning candidates will replace the council whose members face charges of looting
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the city of more than $5.5 million. eight current and former bell officials including three city council members have all been arrested. keep your eyes on the sky. the out of this world sight passing over the bay tonight. >> it's party time in the big easy. get your beads and horns out. why the timing of this year's mardi gras couldn't be better for the city of new orleans. and tony the tiger, cap'n crunch, how the face on the box can make all the difference in your kids choice of cereal.
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rex, the king of carnival, got the keys to the city yesterday... he proc welcome back. the big mardi gras party in new orleans comes to a climax today. the king of the city got the keys and proclaimed all commercial endeavors be ended and that pleasures rule the day
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and night. and the party is going on early this morning. that is the french quarter. the first parade today starts in a little over an hour. they are dancing and having fun. four parades in new orleans today. mardi gras is expected to pump more than $300 million into the new orleans economy. fat tuesday is the latest in this year it's been in 150 years and coincides with spring break of all things. >> our last year with the saints being in the super bowl and mardi gras it couldn't get any better but we are having bigger numbers than last year. >> it's the biggest party of last year better than cancun. >> it's the best party anywhere. the atmosphere comes to a screeching halt at midnight tonight, though, when police clear the streets in the french quarter for the arrival of ash wednesday and then lent. these are live pictures. they are two hours ahead of us so they are pushing oh, 7:00 and there are a few rabble rousers. i'm not sure if they are having
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breakfast this morning or if they are finishing their evening. i would say they look more in the breakfast mode but anyway, happy fat tuesday, everybody. and should be a lot of fun in new orleans today. >> going to be a good old time there. it is 4571. today hundreds of women will cross the golden gate bridge. it's all in celebration of international women's day. the event recognizes women's achievements throughout history across the world. registration for today's event starts at 10:00 at crissy field. charlie sheen got to get him in here, heading to court this morning. he is hoping to get his twin boys back. he is fighting a restraining order that his estranged wife filed last week. meantime sheen is officially fired. warner bros. said yesterday it fired the "two and a half men" star following his bouts of partying, hospitalizations and a better media campaign. the production company said the action was taken after "careful consideration."
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when asked by the "associated press" if he plans to sue, he said "big." warner bros. hasn't decided on the future of "two and a half men." today bay area residents may be able to see the space shuttle discovery and the international space station pass overhead. >> we have some nice weather. it all depends on the skies if they are clear. it happens around 7:25 p.m. tonight. together the shuttle and the station will look like a bright star as they fly overhead from the northwest to the southeast. they will be more than 200 miles above the earth's surface. discovery is scheduled to touch down in florida tomorrow. and i have some good news. you will be able to see the space shuttle. the clouds will break apart this evening and you should have a clear view. out the door, lingering drizzle in isolated spots, cloudy, and fog especially along the coast
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and by the bay. as we head through the rest of the day, you will notice mild temperatures bumping those temperatures up by anywhere from three to five degrees. and more sunshine as we head into the afternoon hours. then partly cloudy skies. some folks will see a little more sun than others. taking a look at the satellite perspective, i'll explain why all this is going on. starting off with lingering drizzle this morning from the system that passed through yesterday. now, we do have high pressure building in. and that's what's going to start to clear out the clouds we have right now making way for some good shuttle viewing this evening. and warmer temperatures for wednesday. i think we might hit some 70s for wednesday. so a beautiful day tomorrow. but short-lived because just behind it we have this system waiting in the wings. it is going to skirt off to our north. the tail send likely going to clip us -- the tail end is likely going to clip us bringing showers on thursday. a couple of days of warming temperatures and increasing sunshine. here's a look at what to expect today. temperature in the low 50s to
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upper 60s. definitely warmer than yesterday. mild temperatures and a little bit above seasonal norms for this time year. 46 in oakland, 63 in walnut creek, 65 pittsburg. here's what you can expect today. we are going to dry things out as we move on to the morning. 60 in san anselmo. 60 in kentfield and 64 napa. looking ahead at the forecast, a little bit of something for everyone. starting out with drizzle this morning, drier this afternoon. sunshine with highs in the 70s for wednesday. should be beautiful especially in some of the warmest locations. now, chance of showers does return thursday. we dry out friday and bring back another chance of showers saturday into sunday. so don't throw those umbrellas away just yet but at least we'll have sunshine in the interim. now for a little more sunshine, i'm going to introduce you to elizabeth wenger waiting in the
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wings. >> thanks, julie. depending on the day, depending if you call me miss sunshine or not. [ laughter ] >> here's a look at traffic coming out of the altamont pass. injury crash eastbound 80 approaching north flynn. lee and dave from the kcbs phone force telling us that the two center lanes are blocked. that's eastbound 580 at north flynn so it is going against the commute. but we are seeing the slow traffic westbound 580 in the commute direction, a few brake lights from 205 all the way almost to at least vasco road. your drive time still looks book 14 minutes towards the dublin interchange -- looks okay about 14 minutes toward the dublin interchange. 280 looks good. a nice drive all along the peninsula. but we still have this heavy fog advisory in effect. chp issued this early this morning.
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stretches of highway 1, 35, 280, visibility is low, as low as 25 feet. so be care. out there if you are commuting in that generation. the bay bridge is fine. no problems, no metering lights. mass transit is also good. and we just checked as well no chain requirements if you are heading up towards the sierra. here's a live look at interstate 80 near truckee. of course, remember our radio partners, kcbs 740-am and 106.9- fm. back to you. >> thank you. a breast cancer survivor is the first american to get a 3-d mammogram. the fda-approved that technology just last month. studies have shown using three- dimensional imagery increases a doctor's ability to spot cancer by some 7%. it also reduces the number of women who must get additional screening because the result is unclear. right now those the 3-d mammogram is only available at mass.
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general but it's expected at facilities nationwide this year. getting kids to eat healthier breakfast cereals could be as easy as putting a friendly face on the box. new studies show children are more likely to enjoy cereal with familiar cartoon characters on the packaging. researchers say children in the study preferred cereal with characters on the box regardless of how healthy the cereal was. they say the findings are promising but that cartoon characters are generally used to promote unhealthy products. but hey, cap'n crunch always drew me to. >> if we could get tony the tiger on shredded wheat or something. >> that would be good. have a bowl of shredded wheat with tony the tiger. hey, step aside mcdonald's there is a new fast food king tonight. according to the "wall street journal" subway is the largest restaurant chain in the world. subway. at the end of 2010 it claimed 33,749 locations worldwide. that is 12 more shops than
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mcdonald's. >> get to work. >> subway credits much of its recent growth to its popular $5- foot long $5foot-longg campaign. pg&e's potentially deadly mistake. why it may have missed an opportunity to replace the san bruno pipeline decades before the blast. a standoff with an armed man in berkeley has just ended after 9 hours. details coming up. all right, sharon. a deputy now arrested in a growing east bay drug scandal. why police say it may just be the tip of the iceberg. and the california family's worst fears confirmed. what we're learning now about the discovery of a missing college student's body in spain overnight. ,,,,,,,,
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